Glebe Meadow Westleton
Glebe Meadow Westleton

What do residents want?

From our local research (ongoing) and from national surveys on the subject of what over 55 year olds want when considering 'rightsizing', a mix of entertainment and healthy activity combined with a community-centred life appeals to most.  The character of the surrounding environment is the single most important factor for many, to encourage activities like walking, bird watching etc, with  access to leisure facilities like swimming pools, bowling greens and golf courses also featuring.   Clearly being close to medical facilities is important, as well as care services, which is why we believe that peer-to-peer neighbourly support through schemes such as ours, can provide a lot of comfort in rural communities. 


We are keen to provide low cost energy and power on the site to ensure that our residents have warm & comfortable accommodation without worrying about excessive bills. 


Although, happily, Westleton is a low crime area, serious consideration will be given to security and we shall be exploring what measures may be appropriate to give residents peace of mind - such as  CCTV,  gates and security lighting.        


We will consult further as our designs for the site and for the individual accommodation units develop.


Car share - many of our prospective residents can foresee a time when they may be reluctant to use their cars, for long drives, in bad weather or at night time. Buying, maintaining and servicing individual cars is a major expense but in practice most cars are not used for 95% of the time. So early adotpion of a car share scheme for residents will be recommended as soon as practical so that residents can pool their trips and share the costs in a much more cost effective way.

Individual car parking spaces that are allocated to each home will be repurposed for a more creative use when they are no longer needed by the resident. 


Mobility around the site - there are many mobility options for use around the site, including golf buggy's, electric bikes and scooters, segways and hoverboards! We will ensure full accessibility of all areas on site (with the likely exception of the first floor of the Vicarage as modifying this for a lift will be difficult) so that our residents can move around easily and comfortably.


Glebe Meadow is a  Community Interest Company established to buy the former Vicarage  in the heart of Westleton and convert it into the social hub for a new development of 20 modern, age appropriate homes for locals aged at least 65.  



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