Glebe Meadow Westleton
Glebe Meadow Westleton

Eligibility Criteria for Residents

Homes at Glebe Meadow are sold strictly only for use as a primary residence. Prospective residents should be aged at least 65, with their current primary residence within the Yoxmere benefice - that is, in one of the eight parishes of Westleton, Darsham, Dunwich, Middleton, Theberton, Yoxford, Peasenhall, and Sibton. However, if there is insufficient demand from locals within the Yoxmere Benefice we will then look to those with a strong local connection to the Saxmundham ecclesiastical district.


commitment to the spirit of cohousing (see next page) is also a prerequisite. Here we offer more than just a posh box in a great location. Glebe Meadow will not be a holiday camp with no privacy and compulsory jolly activities, but we do ask for an attitude check: are you prepared to give a bit, to offer some participation? If others are too, all will benefit.


Looking ahead to when a resident moves away, and they or their heirs come to sell their home here, the same restrictions on who can buy it will apply. So, although we expect that people will be keen and queueing to live here once it is up and running, please be aware that the conditions attaching to the lease could have a negative effect on its value and sellability.


Tenants for the affordable accommodation will be nominated by Suffolk County Council and will also need to satisfy this eligibility criteria.



Glebe Meadow is a  Community Interest Company established to buy the former Vicarage  in the heart of Westleton and convert it into the social hub for a new development of 20 modern, age appropriate homes for locals aged at least 65.  



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